Ghosts of Georgia Investigation report

On October 2nd, 2010 GOGPI investigated claims of paranormal activity at a home cooking restaurant with Karaoke and store in Trenton, GA. Claims of activity including: Disembodies voices, footsteps, lights going on and off, seeing shadow figures, and the sound of the kitchen half doors opening and closing with nobody there to open them.

Investigators & people present at investigation: Investigators – Ed Laughlin, Christine Riley, Gretchen Mann, Larry Conley, Pat Riggins, and Beth Peters

Weather conditions:
Meridian Passing
Date Moonrise Moonset Time Altitude Distance Illuminated Phase

Oct 2, 2010 1:34 AM 3:52 PM 8:47 AM 75.4° 371,129 35.1%
New Moon Oct 7th.
Past Weather Conditions for KCHA
Observations prior to selected time: October 02, 2010 – 09:00 EDT
Weather Conditions at October 2, 2010 – 8:53 EDT
8:53 24 Hour Max 24 Hour Min
Temperature 55.9° F 78.1 at 15:53 52.0 at 6:53
Dew Point 48.0° F 48.9 at 2:53 39.2 at 14:53
Relative Humidity 75% 86 at 6:53 26 at 14:53
Wind Speed 0 mph 21 at 10:53 0 at 2:53
Wind Gust – 30 at 10:53 22 at 16:53
Pressure 29.29 in 29.29 at 8:53 29.18 at 15:53
Sea level pressure 30.01 in 30.01 at 8:53 29.88 at 16:53
Altimeter 30.02 in 30.02 at 8:53 29.91 at 15:53
Weather conditions clear – –
Visibility 10.00 miles 10.00 at 9:53 10.00 at 9:53

Condition of the Building:

The building was in good shape with good utilities that were up to date, the outside doors and windows were solid with very little draft. The walls and roof were in good shape, very solid, and the floor was concrete.
Equipment used by Investigators:

Cameras: One Canon Rebel digital camera and Four IR Video Cameras connected to a J2000 DVR.
EMF Meters: Electro Sensor EMF Meter, Cell Sensor, Digital EMF Detectors, and K-II Meter.
Audio Recorders: Sony P210 digital voice recorder and an Olympus D-10 digital voice recorder and Olympus VN-4100PC.
Thermometers: Cen-Tech mini non-contact infrared digital thermometer and an Omega HH68K ambient thermometer.


1. Before Investigation – Pat felt like she got touched on the head twice during dinner. Nobody was standing near her to touch her.
2. Before Investigation – Beth was in the bathroom. She saw the water pipe shaking really heavy at the top of the ceiling along the water pipe line. She tried debunking it by flushing toilets in both bathrooms, running sink water, checking for rodents etc. Could not find anything that caused the shaking. The heavy shaking and movement happened 3 – 4 times while Beth was in the bathroom. During the entire investigation, Beth went back to try and recreate the shaking, and could not duplicate it.

Team 1 – Larry, Christine & Gretchen – 11:10 pm

1. 11:10 pm – Dining room/Kitchen – 72 average degrees, O.O – 0.1 EMF, other than major appliances in the kitchen.
2. 11:17 pm – Kitchen – Christine heard rustling sound in the kitchen
3. 11:19 pm – Dining room
a. 11:19 pm – Start EVP session – 11:43 pm End EVP
b. 11:25 pm – During the EVP – the entire team her rustling in the kitchen again. Could not find source after EVP.
4. 11:50 pm – Bedroom – 65 average degrees, 0.0 – 0.1 EMF
a. 11:54 pm – Start EVP session in the couch area – 12:25 am End EVP in the bed area
b. 12:00 am – Gretchen smelled the smell of chewing tobacco – Christine had the name Addy or Manny pop on her head, and a male with chest pains in the bedroom.
c. 12:05 am – During the EVP Christine and Gretchen heard a lady giggle or talk from Bed area. At the same time, the base team saw some activity on ceiling in the kitchen on camera 1.
d. 12:11 am – Base team heard something outside the garage doors – at the same time the door going inside to the store creaked open a tiny bit. (Door must be pushed from the other side of door to make the door creek – can’t find a way for it to happen on its own.)
e. 12:20 am – During the EVP Gretchen felt like her hand got touched.
f. 12:25 am – Gretchen’s flashlight in her pouch turned on in her pouch/ and then off again. Gretchen thought it did this by her command.
5. While girls were in bedroom – they noticed dry wall in the center of the room on the floor.

Team 2 – Ed, Beth and Pat – 12:42 am

1. 12:42 am – Bedroom
a. 12:50 am – Start EVP session – 1:00 am End EVP session
b. During EVP – Ed heard a voice in his ear. It was very loud to him. Beth had chest pains lying on the bed and picked up on the name Arthur – seemed empathic.
2. 1:02 am – Bathroom – Checked for pipe movement, and set up EVP recorder.
a. 1:05 am – Base – heard the inside door creak.
b. 1:10 am – Beth starts EVP in bathroom while Ed and Pat are in the store. 1:16 am – End EVP session
c. During EVP session – Pat and Ed heard the door creak to the garage, and saw the door move a couple of inches inward as well. Pat saw a shadow pass by crack between door and frame.
3. 1:26 am – Dining Room – Start EVP – 1:36 am – End EVP session
a. 1:36 am – During the EVP, Beth picked up on the name Henry and again had tightness in chest. Also, picked up on the #43.
4. 1:44 am – Store Area – Start EVP session – 1:49 End EVP session
5. 1:52 am – Storage Area – Ed felt a strange feeling on his wrist, like a tickle.
a. 1:53 am – Start EVP session – 2:02 am – End EVP session – return to Base
6. 2:09-2:10 am – Cam 3 – Bright orb seen literally looping and looping.
7. 2:15 am – When Ed and Christine were getting coffee on break – The kitchen light came on by itself.
8. 2:40-2:50 am – Kitchen light went off and back on by itself again
9. 2:52 am – In Garage – TV turned on by itself on the snow (white noise) channel. Both teams witnessed this occurrence. Tried to debunk it, and duplicate the experience, but could not.
10. While Team 2 was in Kitchen during investigation – Ed’s recorder would not work, but started working when the team returned to base.
11. When Pat went to the bathroom to check recorder, she tried to turn recorder off, would not turn off until she went into the kitchen.
12. All evening – Beth was drawn to the corner of the main store where the Karaoke is set up. Felt like it was an area of strong energy. During investigation along the same wall, all team members have witnessed the door creaking, opening by itself, and the TV turn on by itself.

Team 3 – Gretchen, Pat and Christine – Second Sweep – 3:00 am
1. 3:05 am – Kitchen 3:05 am – Start EVP session – 3:20 am End EVP
a. 3:19 am – During EVP, Christine smelled a strong burning smell.
2. 3:22 am- Bedroom – 3:24 am – Start EVP session in the couch area. 3:34 am – moved to Bed – 3:53 am- End EVP session
a. 3:36 am – During EVP session – Base team heard strange noise in main room of store, like a shuffle sound. Then heard like the ice was being scooped. Then heard the sound of a chair being moved.
b. 3:34 am – During EVP session – When Christine looked under the bed, her flashlight went off and K2 spiked.

Team 4 – Ed and Larry – Second Sweep – 4:00 am

1. Larry had left a full battery recorder on heater by the TV that turned on. When he went back to get it, recorder was erased and had a dead battery.
2. When leaving base/garage – Larry and Ed heard tapping and door creaking again. This is the same door leading into the main room of the store.
3. 4:06 am – Storage Room – 4:11 am – Start EVP session – 4:19 am – End EVP session
4. 4:20 am – Kitchen – 4:23 am – Start EVP session – 4:41 am End EVP session
a. During EVP session – Larry saw something in the ceiling by the fan closest to the air conditioner. As they walked out of the kitchen area to dining room – K2 meter spiked to yellow. Ed started metering the area, but could not get it to do it again. Ed took meter near Larry, and it spiked again. Tried to repeat it again, and could not get it to do it again.
5. 4:45 am – Bedroom – 4:45 am – Start EVP session – 4:56 am – End EVP session
a. When Ed and Larry first started EVP – K2 meter went off 3 times, lighting up to yellow.

End Investigation – 4:59 am


It was a very interesting investigation with all investigators having personal experiences backed up by other investigators, unfortunately we didn’t record all the experiences on our audio, video, etc. equipment. We did experience some of what the client had experienced.

We had normal EMF reading, 0.0- 0.02 Miligause, though out the building but were high around the electronic equipment, which was expected. We did however experience spikes with the K-II meter that we couldn’t explain or reproduce. The temperature was steady and as the night went on the temperature did drop, nothing unusual. Several investigators did experience extreme cold feelings in the bedroom for a short period of time, no cause was found. We did record numerous EVP’s from various areas of the building, and the voices recorded ranged from female to male. We did not record anything out of the ordinary on video or in our pictures.

With the stories from the client, the experiences of the investigators, and the EVP’s we recorded we feel that the building is active and haunted. We would like to do a follow up investigation to try and determine if it is indeed the spirit of the former owner, who die in the building.
Ed Laughlin
Ghosts of Georgia Paranormal Investigations
Personal Experience summaries from investigators on the investigation:


1. Early in the night, while we were eating dinner, I had two instances where it was possible that I was touched on the head. It felt like spider webs brushing the top of my head but upon looking up I was never able to identify anything that could feel like that. There was no air vent above me and no one (living at least) behind me.

2. While the other team was investigating and we were at home base, we saw what looked like a black shadow move across the screen on the ceiling in the kitchen area. This was just before the other team walked into the room. Also the kitchen lights turned on and then back off a couple of times while they were in the room.

3. While at home base during a time while we were all in the room, the television in the garage came on of it’s own accord.


Some shuffling noises in the kitchen with Christine and Gretchen, the TV turned on at base with everyone present, still think that was so cool, and seen a distorted
white mass in the dining room by a ceiling fan while with Ed.


Long ride through the hills of North Georgia, and we finally pulled up to a roadside diner. Inside was a bunch of people who seemed to be enjoying a karaoke session in full swing. We were immediately brought to the diner section of the building and greeted sweetly by the crew who was expecting us. The service was sweet and the pork, I was told was unbeatable. I sat at the end of the table with Pat on one side of me and Christine on the other. While waiting for our meal to come out Pat claimed to have been touched twice on the head. After enjoying a sandwich, fries, and chocolate dessert, while the crew cleaned. I approached the lady in charge who said I could help myself to the ice in the cooler…As I did I heard a male voice at the back of the kitchen. Thinking he was “busting me”, I turned to explain myself, and there were no males in the kitchen, nor any males in the room for that fact. I was ready to begin.


Group one (Christine, Larry, and Me): Noises heard in the kitchen lead Christine and Larry into the kitchen and I stayed in the diner section. No recreation of exact sound could be made. I also felt like I heard a voice, low, but a voice none the less. Heard pops and cracks in the diner sections but noises where unidentifiable, and not felt by the group to be paranormal versus not. I also smelled very strongly the sweet smell of chewing tobacco…lasted 2 minutes approximately.


Most of my experiences occurred here in the bedroom. A couple of shadows occurred on the wall. Larry asked that one of us go lay down on the bed. Christine and I both went, and Larry stayed in the living/sitting room. Laying in the bed, Christine claimed to hear a breathy laugh right before I spoke, I did not hear this. But a few minutes later heard a heh heh heh female breathy laugh then a loud pop!
Heard voices and the laugh again, and the room became extremely cold.

While laying in bed on the side closest to the sitting room I had my left hand behind my head and my right hand on my stomach. I felt the sensation of fingers walking up my right middle finger, so I flicked my hand (spider?)…Then it walked down my arm (like the itsy bitsy spider)…so I felt my arm with my other hand….nothing….went back into the same position and it happened again, so I reported I was being touched…..Christine asked whoever was touching my arm to touch my knee. A light lit up the room. We both looked to the flashlight on the bed stand but it was off. Looking down at my cloth tool belt I wear on investigations, my flashlight in my pouch was lit up. (push button-hard to turn on). So I asked it to turn my light out, and the light went off. I asked them to turn the light back on, and it came on…Asking them to turn it off, my flashlight dimmed almost to nothing…my flashlight is either on or off…there is no half-strength. After this excitement (the room warmed up.) we returned to base to give the other group the chance to investigate. My flashlight worked normally after experience.


The Garage was interesting too. We heard voices once or twice, and the swinging door we heard move (squeak as though it were opening a couple of times). After the second group finished their round through the diner, we were all present at base. Sharing our experiences, we suddenly hear what sounds like water through the pipes. Larry jumped up to see if it would be something that happened earlier in the girls bathroom, but slowed at the door of the garage when he realized the sound was not the water running, but the TV had turned on by itself. No timer on TV set, nobody was playing with any electronics. Could not get any further interaction with the TV.

Great place.


My hair was played with in the living room of the living area. I heard a female twice laugh in the bedroom. I witnessed Gretchen’s flashlight turn on while she was feeling like she was being touched. I believe I saw someone in the dining room while I was observing the cameras at base. I witnessed the TV turning on while everyone was at base. I heard what sounded like the door from the garage area into the main room move. I witnessed the light in the dining room turn on and off (not sure if it was an electrical problem).


Heard the door hinges creaking while in the garage, unable to find out why the door moved. Felt as if something grabbed my right wrist while in the storage room (the room next to garage). On the second sweep of the investigation heard a disembodied voice in same room, Larry heard same voice. Did not pick it up on audio and didn’t pick up anyone at base on audio either. While at base (in the garage) with everyone else saw the TV turn on by itself. Unable to find out the cause, we did check and it had a timer but was set for the afternoon. Client stated that the TV was never on for the year she has been there.


Saw the water pipe shaking in the bathroom 3-4 times while she was in there. Tried to debunk it, and could not. Beth also had a vision of Jesus in with arms stretched out in angelic fashion with clouds. When she went to the garage the first time, she saw the picture she had a vision of hanging high up on the garage wall. Heard the door hinges creaking while in the garage and when they were in the store on the other side. Doors appeared to have moved by themselves, unable to find out why the door moved. While at base (in the garage) with everyone else saw the TV turn on by itself. Unable to find out the cause, we did check and it had a timer but was set for the afternoon. Client stated that the TV was never on for the year she has been there. While in the bedroom, Beth got heavy chest pains, tightness, and felt difficulty in breathing. While in the dining room Beth picked up on the name Arthur (first) Henry (last) and the #43. Gretchen stated her grandfather’s name was Arthur Henry, so Beth might have picked up in Gretchen’s grandfather, but not sure.