These EVP’s come from different investigations over the years. Below the player we have listed what we hear. You may hear the same thing we do or something different. We recommend turning up the volume and listening with headphones.

  1. A laugh
  2. “Baby”
  3. Good job
  4. To late” and Unknown
  5. I want one
  6. “I know”
  7. “Kitty cat”
  8. “Take her to the hospital”
  9. “Geeze David”
  10. “They want your bedsheets”
  11. “Christian or Kristen”
  12. “Ed come find us”
  13. “God there they are” and “Look everyone”
  14. “You people”
  15. “I see you”
  16. This is a Creek Indian dialect from around 1820, confirmed by two separate Native Americans.
  17. “Yeah”
  18. “Oh crap”