Ghosts of Georgia Paranormal Investigations

Investigation Report

Date: 05-16-09

Location: Private residence, Talbotton, Ga.

Weather Conditions:

Weather Conditions: Cloudy with sprinkles of rain.
Temperature: 68 F
Humidity: 94%
Barometric Pressure: 30.08 in
Wind Speed: 10 mph from WNW
Moon Phase: Waning Crescent
Solar X-Rays: Normal
Geomagnetic Field: Quiet

Condition of Building: The house and original out building were built in 1845. The main house is in good condition with no structural problems. The owner is in the process of restoring the inside to its original condition, minimal restoration in progress at the time of the investigation. The windows and doors were solid and virtually draft free. Floors, walls, ceiling, and roof were in good condition with minimal creaking of floor boards. The utilities were in good shape, some wiring was replaced by current owner but most of the wiring had been replaced prior to current owner purchasing the property. The House was two stories with crawl space.

There are three out building: Building 1 was the original kitchen/slave quarters. The building was in fair condition with some of the outside walls leaning due to the building settling over the years with gaps between the front part of the building and the rear part. The floors were solid but leaning in some areas. Building 2 consisted of part of the original carriage house on one end and the other end consisted of a newer storage building approximately 40-50 years old, they were attached. The new part was in good condition. The carriage house part was in good condition with openings along some of the siding, typical of such a building. Building 3 was one of the original barns. It was in good condition.

Equipment used by Investigators: J2000 DVR with color monitor used 5 stationary IR cameras. Various EMF detectors, digital recorders, Sony Camcorders, IR and ambient thermometers.
Base Readings:
Readings were taken from 9:30p.m.-10:30p.m., temperature in Fahrenheit and EMF in miligause and were as follows:

Upstairs main house:
Bedroom 1- Temp 66°F, EMF- 0.1
Bedroom 2- Temp 68°F, EMF 0.1-0.5
Bedroom 3- Temp 70°F, EMF 0.1-0.2
Bathroom- 66°F, EMF 0.1-68.0(In one corner of the room the EMF fluctuated 12.0 to 68.0, we were unable to see what was causing it but we feel that is where electrical wiring was being channeled.)
Laundry room- Temp 70°F, EMF 0.3-13.0(Laundry room backed up to the bathroom and the higher readings were in the same corner of the room where the other high readings were.)

First floor:
Dinning room- Temp 66°F, EMF 0.1-0.5
Living room- Temp 67°F, EMF 0.1-0.5
Parlor- Temp 65°, EMF 0.1-0.3
Master Bedroom- Temp 68°F, EMF 0.1-0.3
Master Bath- Temp 68°, EMF 0.1-0.3
Kitchen- Temp 70°, EMF- 0.5-25.0(the higher reading occurred near the electrical appliances and electrical breaker panel.)

Main Investigation:

The Investigation started at 10:45 with two teams.

Team 1 consisted of Robin, Jane, Deb, and Michele and started their investigation of the grounds and out buildings.

10:55- Conducted an EVP session at the rear of the Kitchen/Slaves quarters. Heard a
jingling noise and whistling sound out in the nearby field.
11:02- Conducted an EVP session inside the Kitchen/Slave quarters.
While inside the Camcorder battery died and when team 1went back outside the
battery was fully charged.
11:35- Conducted an EVP session in the old carriage house.
While investigating the carriage house both Deb and Robin heard a whistling
12:02- Returned to Kitchen/Slaves quarters with the owner.
12:09- Heard the jingling noise from the side of the main house.

Team 2 consisted of Ed, Corey, Jill, and Bill and started their investigation in the interior of the house.

10:57- Upstairs bathroom- EMF-0.0, Temp 68°, nothing unusual detected.
11:00- Pull chain on ceiling light, in hallway outside bathroom, rattle and was swinging.
Debunked the chain, bathroom door hit it as the team was leaving the bathroom.
11:05- Bedroom 3- EMF 0.0, Temp 70°, nothing unusual detected. Near the end of the
EVP session all members of the team heard what sounded like a disembodied
Voice. While reviewing the audio data it was discovered that the voice recorders
Recorded that voice.
11:22- Bedroom 2- EMF 0.0, Temp 65.5°, while conducting an EVP session Corey felt a
tingling goose bump sensation on her left leg. Jill picked up on the name “Edith”,
the owner later stated that one of the slaves was named “Edith”. At the end of the
EVP session all members comment on how warm the room had gotten during the
session at which time the room seemed to get considerably cooler as we discussed
how warm it was. Jill retook temperatures and found the room temp had dropped
6° within minutes.
11:45- Bedroom 1- EMF 0.0, Temp 65°, during EVP session Jill felt something touch her
left elbow, nothing else unusual detected.
12:00- Upstairs Hallway- EMF 0.0, Temp 70°, nothing unusual detected
12:08- Master Bedroom and Bath- EMF 0.0 Temp- 70°, nothing unusual detected.
12:30- Dinning room- EMF- 0.0-0.2, Temp 67°, nothing unusual detected.

EVP session were held in every room and building during the first sweep of the investigation.

Second sweep began 01:45, Team 1 investigated the house, Team 2 investigated the outside and out buildings.

Team 1 did not report anything unusual during the investigation of the house.

Team 2:

01:53- Barn- EMF 0.0, Temp 60°, nothing unusual to report.
02:09- Carriage House- EMF 0.0, Temp 75°, As we were about to enter the carriage
house Jill got a feeling of dread. While inside Jill picked up the impression of
two boys/young men (slaves) that were hiding in the back afraid to answer our
questions. We also heard several scratching sounds that were possibly made by
small rodents. Nothing unusual was picked up on our equipment.
02:43- Kitchen/Slave Quarters- EMF 0.0, Temp 69°, Jill and Corey saw what appeared to be a dark human shaped form, Jill got a sharp pain in the right side of her jaw and became overwhelmed with sadness and was about to cry, she stated that never happened before.

03:00- End of investigation.

Prior to investigation the owner gave us a tour of the house and grounds. While on the tour Michele saw an apparition of a woman standing in the doorway between the kitchen and living room. Michele stated the lady had a stern look on her face, with frizzy dirty blonde hair that appeared to be in a bun and was sticking out some on both sides of the woman’s head. Michele also saw an apparition of a tall, lanky man in overalls. He was either a light skinned black man or a tanned white man, he was looking at Ellen. Michele also stated that while in bedroom 2 she felt lightheaded. Deb stated she saw an apparition of a woman’s face and it appeared that the woman had wet, dark, stringy hair that was on both sides of her face, she also stated that it appeared her face was wet too.


This residence is very beautiful and unique. It is very structurally sound and with the original out buildings makes it unique.

With the stories told by the owner, our personal experiences, along with the numerous EVP’s recorded I would have to say that the residence is indeed haunted by numerous ghosts from different era’s, from the previous owner to what appears to be one of the original owners and possibly some of their slaves from that time.

We have EVP’s where the ghosts answered some of our questions, indicating an intelligent haunting, along with EVP’s of the ghosts contributing to our conversations.

We think a follow up investigation is warranted to find out more about what ghosts are there and if possible to get answers to the owner’s questions, which we were unable to do on this investigation.
Ed Laughlin
Director Ghosts of Georgia Paranormal Investigations