Investigation report

On December 20, 2009 GOGPI investigated claims of paranormal activity at a private home in Roswell, GA. Claims of activity including: numerous appliances quit working from time to time without explanation, night lights would burn out shortly after installing them, fire shot out of a wall outlet straight at the client and as it got to the client shot straight up, shadow figures, apparitions, noises, clients daughter seeing and conversing with an unseen person or persons, appliances would stop working for unknown reasons, dishwasher starts and stops own it’s own, to name a few.

Investigators & people present at investigation: Investigators – Ed Laughin, Corey McHargue, Beth Peters, Christine Riley, Patrick Riley and Kari Kesley. Investigator Guests from Atlanta Cuisine, Tom Maicon and his co-host Jessica, the client also participated during second half of the investigation.
Weather conditions: Full Moon –December 16, 2009
Dec 20, 2009 10:25 AM 9:28 PM 3:54 PM 42.6° 405,698 16.4%

Past Weather Conditions for KPDK
Observations prior to selected time: December 20, 2009 – 09:00 EST
Weather Conditions at December 20, 2009 – 8:53 EST
8:53 24 Hour Max 24 Hour Min
Temperature 35.1° F 44.6 at 13:40 35.1 at 6:53
Dew Point 27.0° F 39.2 at 16:24 27.0 at 8:53
Relative Humidity 72% 89 at 15:53 70 at 14:09
Wind Speed 12 mph from NW 16 at 17:53 7 at 15:53
Wind Gust – 23 at 22:53 16 at 4:53
Pressure 29.05 in 29.05 at 8:53 28.70 at 9:53
Sea level pressure 30.16 in 30.16 at 8:53 29.79 at 9:53
Altimeter 30.12 in 30.12 at 8:53 29.76 at 9:53
Weather conditions overcast – –
Visibility 10.00 miles 10.00 at 9:53 6.00 at 14:53
Ceiling 2600 feet 4200 at 4:53 1400 at 9:53

Condition of the home:
The home was a townhouse approximately eight years old and in very good condition. It was sound proofed well where the neighbors on either side could not be heard. The outside doors and windows were tight fitting and little or no draft came from them. The utilities and appliances were in good shape, almost like new condition. The structure and floors was solid.

Equipment used by Investigators:

Cameras: One Rebel digital camera and Four IR Video Cameras connected to a J2000 DVR.

EMF Meters: Cell Sensor cellular phone/EMF detection meter, Electro Sensor EMF
Meter, and K-II Meter.

Audio Recorders: Sony P210 digital voice recorder and an Olympus D-10 digital voice
recorder and Olympus VN-4100PC.

Thermometers: Cen-Tech mini non-contact infrared digital thermometer and an Omega
HH68K ambient thermometer.

Special Notes – Before the official investigation began, Beth and Christine did a physic walkthrough her home and “read” the house. Also, while setting up equipment, everyone standing in the kitchen smelled a very strong floral perfume smell blowing by them. It smelled rich and sweet like gardenia, and Christine describes it as Juicy C. perfume. Several experiments were done to verify the smell did not come from any of the team members.

*Beth’s notes were all confirmed by Reese after the walkthrough. Notes:
Beth felt upstairs of the home was more active than the rest of the home. When entering the daughter’s room, she felt a heavy feeling in the room and pressure in her chest. She also noticed a haze like appearance in the air, it felt very heavy. She sees the hallway as a “gateway”, or in-and out passageway for spirits. The bathroom in the hall felt benign during the walkthrough, however when Beth was in this same bathroom on the previous night the door was closed on her while she was going to the restroom. Nobody was upstairs with her. The team checked the door, and the event could not be debunked. Beth reported feeling watched on Friday night while she was upstairs in the bathroom. The son’s room felt sort of protected from the rest of the home, like there was a wall that separated his room from the rest of the family. Client’s room felt less active during the walkthrough, but felt like it could have been more active at other times. Beth got the feeling that the spirits liked messing with the client, or trying to get her attention. The kitchen felt more family friendly at the moment, but felt like it could have had more activity in the past as well. The living room felt pretty light, but Beth felt like there was a presence that often was in the living room and watched the family in the kitchen from the living room. Beth felt like things might even get moved around in this room, but not much more. The basement did not feel as active, and possibly noises was the most that happened down there. However, Beth felt like when the client walks into the basement from the garage that she might feel a heavy feeling, or someone there, but the presence quickly retreats to the upstairs.

Beth felt like client’s son is more closed off, that he wants no part of the ghost investigation, and understands there may be some activity but wants no part of it. Beth thinks it is possible that something a little scary happened to the client’s son in the past, so he chooses to shut himself off.

Beth felt like client’s daughter has an innocent mind, but sometimes gets scared.

Christine’s Sensitive Report

Before investigation walk through:

Daughter’s Room: High Energy, uneasy feeling, extreme anxiety in chest and stomach. Male presence enjoys making himself known to daughter. The presence frightened daughter. Possible names: Jacob (came real strong), Molly

Son’s Room: Frustration, confusion, son is mad. No names in this room.

Hall Bathroom: Not picking up on anything.

Master Bedroom and Bathroom: Physical feelings – queasy, feel like crying.

Foyer: At grandfather clock – picking up on energy, I envision older man with shoulder length gray hair and long mustache (possible handlebar style mustache).

Living Room & Dining Room: Just not picking up on anything in these rooms.

Kitchen: The only thing that really pulls me to it energy wise is the vanity dresser. I initially felt like a young girl is attached to this piece of furniture, but believe it to be a young lady with long brown hair, Martha (possible name).

Basement: Right back corner coming from garage feels like something is hiding there.

Strong smell of floral gardenia perfume, like the smell of Juicy Couture perfume (research conducted found that Viva Juicy Couture perfume has gardenia scent in it along with honeysuckle and jasmine), very strongly smelled in kitchen and daughter’s room.

During Investigation:

Daughter’s Room:

I feel like someone/thing is hiding in the closet. New name, Harold. So total of 3 possible ghost/spirits present in this room. Main one is a boy child between the ages of 6-7 years old, he has blonde hair and wears shorts and boots.

1st Part of the Investigation began at 8:27 pm, with team 1:
Team 1– Beth, Christine, Jessica, Corey

1. 8:27 pm – Starting in the upstairs master bedroom – EMF readings between .2-.8. Temp readings 74 degrees in the bedroom, 73 degrees in the bathroom.
2. 8:31 pm – Team heard a metallic clink/tap sound – not sure of the location.
3. 8:43 pm – Start EVP session – Master bedroom. EVP Session – Ends at 8:48 pm.
a. During the EVP session, Beth saw a shadow pass in front of the bathroom mirror. The team took pictures after the EVP session. Beth felt like there was a male presence in the room watching the team in the bedroom.
4. 8:49 pm – Daughter’s room – EMF .1-.3 and temp 72 degrees.
a. Team reported smelling a burnt charcoal smell in the room. Almost like someone had been smoking in the room. Reese does burn incense and candles in her master bedroom, but the team did not feel like this was the same smell.
b. 8:56 pm – Team heard metallic clink/tap sound. – Heat kicked on at 8:58 pm. Team thought the clink/tap sound might be the sound of the heater.
5. 9:00 pm –– Start EVP Session –daughter’s bedroom– EVP’s end when team left the daughter’s bedroom.
a. 9:05 pm – Both Beth and Christine saw a shadow walking from Reese’s bedroom to the bathroom. This could not be debunked – check Camera 3 for evidence.
b. 9:09 pm – Jessica and Beth heard a growl by the bed.
c. 9:12 pm – Corey and Jessica saw a sparkle or something in the bathroom mirror – (high up).
d. 9:12 pm – Team noticed hall looked brighter from the bedroom, almost like a glow.
e. 9:13 pm – Saw flash of light on bedroom door and in bathroom. It was a bright white light.
f. 9:13 pm – Corey felt a cold breeze on her left arm – then Christine felt like a presence had walked into the room, by Corey, and between Beth and Christine. Temp check – 82 degrees between Beth and Christine.
g. 9:18 pm – Temp slowly started to lower back down between 74-73 degrees after some time passed.
h. 9:18 pm – Cold breezes could be felt by team, and the same sweet floral smell dominated the bedroom that was smelled in the kitchen earlier that night.
i. 9:20 pm – Beth bumped the camera
6. 9:22 pm – Team walked through hall bathroom, and Reese’s son’s room. Average EMF readings and Temp readings. Benign feelings in both rooms. Lights seen in the bathroom earlier could not be debunked.
7. 9:30 pm – Living room and Kitchen – EMF .2 – .4 and tem 72 degrees
8. 9:35 pm – Same floral smell returned. K2 was placed on the dressing stand in kitchen while source of smell was investigated again and EVP session began.
9. 9:37 pm – Start EVP session – Kitchen – EVP session ends 9:45 pm.
a. 9:42 pm – there was a large hit on the K2, all the way up to red lights for a few seconds during the EVP session. This happened at the same time as Beth moved forward toward the K2. Beth felt like she “bumped into” a spirit, which caused the lights to spike on the K2. Spike on the K2 could not be debunked.
10. 9:48 pm – Team 1 end of investigation.

Team 2 – Ed, Tom, Patrick, and Kari

1. 9:55 pm – Tom’s battery of camera is draining in the kitchen while heading upstairs to begin investigation.
2. 10:00 pm – Giant orb seen on camera 3 through door to the daughter’s room.
3. 10:02 pm – Tom reports camera is now working fine and battery is back to normal. EMF readings in daughter’s room average except for the TV 3.0. Same large orb goes back through the door again – seen on camera 3.
4. 10:03 pm – Tom though he saw a shadow in hallway
5. 10:06 pm – Start EVP Session – daughter’s bedroom – End of EVP session at 10:14 pm.
a. 10:12 pm – Camera 3 – streak of light going by door.
6. 10:15 pm – Orb around Tom while in hallway seen on camera.
7. 10:20 pm – Son’s room – EMF readings .1-.4 pm. Temp readings 75 degrees.
8. 10:25 pm – Start EVP session Master bedroom and Son’s room – End EVP session 10:33 pm.
a. 10:38 pm – When team first walked in Master bedroom, they heard a banging noise – also saw a sparkly orb on camera
b. 10:39 pm – Camera – saw a hazy substance go by the doors
9. 10:42 pm – Dining Room/Kitchen – Temp 70 degrees. EMF .5 – .7 or .8.
10. 10:43 pm – Start EVP session – Dining Room/Kitchen – End EVP session 10:49 pm.
a. Ed returned back up to daughter’s room to get something he left behind. He reported smelling the same burnt charcoal smell team 1 smelled earlier.
11. 10:59 pm – Living Room/Dining room – Temp 70 degrees, and EMF readings .2 – .4 – Start EVP session – Living Room/Dinging Room – End EVP session at 10:59 pm
12. 11:07 pm – Basement – Temp 58 degrees and EMF readings .2-.4.
13. 11:08 pm – Start EVP session – Basement – End EVP session
a. During EVP session – footsteps could be heard by the team in kitchen area above.

*Special Notes – After a short break, the teams decided to do one last hit at the hot spots in the home, or the areas the groups felt was more active. Reese decided to join Christine, Corey, Patrick, and Kari upstairs. Notes were not taken, but personal experiences did occur. While the team was upstairs, Ed and Beth stayed in the living room to try and make contact with a spirit Reese had reported seeing earlier. While trying to make contact, Reese asked over the radio for Beth to try harder to make contact and ask the spirit why he was here. Beth closed her eyes, asked the question and started receiving several visual pictures in a rapid flashing rate. This was a very strong feeling. Beth could feel a “pull” while the visual pictures continued to flash through her mind. Ed asked at one point what Beth was doing because he could feel the energy going through him to Beth. His legs felt jittery as Beth was pulling the energy toward her. After the concentration time when Beth was trying to contact the spirit, Beth drew out the pictures on a piece of paper for Reese of everything she saw in her mind. Reese verified with Beth that all of the images actually had something to do with Reese. Several of the images were actually items in Reese’s basement packed away in boxes. Beth had not seen these items in the basement before. She also explained that one of the visions Beth received was the same image Reese had when she was upstairs with the team. They had shared the same visual message. There was no real explanation for this, and Beth did not feel like she got any answers to Reese’s question about why the spirit was in Reese’s living room that she had seen earlier in the day before the investigation.

Christine’s Personal Experiences:

While sitting on the bed in daughter’s room, I saw a shadow roughly 4 feet tall come out of the door from the master bedroom, at the same time Beth saw something in the hallway. I also saw sparkling light reflect off the bedroom door at the same time Jessica and Corey saw a light coming from the hall bathroom. I also heard a noise that sounded like a growl come from the left side of me beyond Beth. The temperature dropped at least 7 degrees within a matter of minutes during the moment that all investigators in the room at the time were smelling the perfume smell.
While down in the kitchen, I witnessed the K-II meter go off. I also heard what sounded like a toy piano sound coming from upstairs.
Ed’s personal experiences during the entire investigation:

First Sweep:

When focusing my camera in the kitchen/dining area it was slow to work, at the same time Tom’s camera would take a picture then indicate that the battery was dead, he had fresh batteries. When he shut it off and turned it back on the camera would repeat the same thing. The camera worked fine after he left the area.

While investigating in the daughter’s room I head banging noises on the wall that connects to the neighbor. It was mid wall up to the ceiling. Assumed it was the client’s neighbor making the noise but when we checked with the client she said that they have never heard any noise or sound from the neighbor’s. While doing an EVP session in the daughter’s room I heard what sounded like cloth rubbing on something, the sound came from the closet which I was standing in front of.

While doing an EVP session in the bathroom/son’s room I heard a knock sound in the daughter’s room after Patrick asked if they were trying to communicate with someone. Unable to find the cause of knock.

For the sensitive side the Hall, Bathroom, and Daughter’s room seemed to have the most energy but to me the daughter’s room seemed to be the focus of the energy.

During the investigation on main floor didn’t have any personal experiences, however I did leave my audio recorder in the daughter’s room (upstairs) and when I walked into the room to retrieve it I heard the same rubbing noises coming from next to the bed near the front window.

In basement while doing an EVP session I heard what sounded like a footstep in the kitchen area, no one was upstairs at the time. Tom heard a couple light thumps on the ceiling, turned out to be the cat jumping off chair. Tom heard door at the top of the stairs rattling, unable to find the cause.

Second Sweep:

Held a vigil with Beth in on the main floor.

While walking to the living room I saw a shadow figure on the wall across from the bathroom and basement doors. Tried to debunk it as my shadow but was unable to. I did see my shadow but it was light and faint, the shadow I saw was much darker and blocked out the wall, my shadow didn’t block the wall.

While sitting in the living room I was looking into the dining room when the far corner turned darker than the rest of the room for a few seconds. Not sure if my eyes were adjusting or not.

I heard several different unexplained noises but nothing conclusive as far as them being paranormal.


We were asked to come and investigate the client’s home to find the causes of the unexplained activity in the home. During the investigation several investigators had some personal experiences that could not be explained, including seeing shadow figures, hearing unexplained knocking noises, unexplained temperature drops, hearing disembodied voices, to name a few. A few investigators experienced the same activity in the same places at different times, again we were unable to explain the activity.

A lot of the prior activity seemed to surround electrical devices including wall outlets. The client did have an electrician check out the house but found everything to be in good shape and could not explain as to why there were so many problems with the electrical. He also ruled out any type of power surges. The house and appliances are fairly new and shouldn’t be breaking down, especially when all of the appliances, TV’s, DVD player, Direct TV satellite, along with other electrical equipment breaking down within a few months. We were unable to find a reason for the breakdowns as well.

We do not use just one of our findings to determine if a place is haunted or not, but with all the claims of activity experienced by the client, her son, and daughter, the experiences of the investigators along with the numerous EVP’s we recorded, the sudden temperature drop we feel that the home is indeed haunted.

We will keep up to date of any other activity that may occur in the future and recommend a follow up investigation be preformed.
Ed Laughlin
Ghosts of Georgia Paranormal Investigations

What we hear:

  1. “Don’t take those.”  We were picking up equipment when this was recorded.
  2. “Oh man”
  3. “What ever
  4. Strange musical sounding noise
  5. “Dammit”
  6. “Not right now”
  7. “Come and help”
  8. “Give me time” then noise
  9. Walking noise then “Give me that or deal with that”