Ghosts of Georgia Investigation report

On August 31, 2013, GOGPI investigated claims of paranormal activity at a private residence in Flowery Branch GA. The activity reported at the house is as follows: Clients have been experiencing disturbing situations such as unexplained sounds, falling pictures, ghostly lights, door knobs rattling, and very vivid nightmares. While the daughter was taking a shower and when she got out of the shower there was an inverted pentagram drawn in the steam on the mirror. It was a big drawing. Also client’s son-in-law was scratched badly down the side of his back. The scratch looked like a three fingered claw mark and they believe that a spirit may have entered his person briefly.

Investigators & people present at investigation: Investigators – Ed Laughlin, Beth Peters, Larry Conley and Pamela Johnson

Weather conditions:
Meridian Passing
Aug 31, 2013 Moonrise
2:47 am

4:55 pm
9:53 AM
73.6 Distance Illuminated



Past Weather Conditions for KGVL
Observations prior to selected time: August 31, 2013 – 09:00 EDT
Weather Conditions at August 31, 2013 – 8:53 EDT
8:53 24 Hour Max 24 Hour Min
Temperature 77.0° F 84.0 at 16:53 71.6 at 7:14
Dew Point 72.0° F 72.0 at 22:53 69.8 at 7:14
Relative Humidity 85% 94 at 23:25 65 at 15:53
Wind Speed 0 mph 9 at 9:15 0 at 17:53
Pressure 28.67 in 28.74 at 10:53 28.64 at 18:53
Sea level pressure 29.98 in 30.05 at 10:53 29.94 at 4:53
Altimeter 30.03 in 30.10 at 10:53 30.00 at 18:53
Weather conditions haze – –
Visibility 5.00 miles 10.00 at 14:25 2.00 at 7:14
Ceiling – 4800 at 0:53 900 at 9:24

Equipment used by Investigators:

Cameras: Two Canon Rebel digital cameras and Four IR Video Cameras connected to a J2000 DVR.
EMF Meters: Electro Sensor EMF Meter, Cell Sensor, Digital EMF Detectors, Mel-8704R-KII and K-II Meter.
Audio Recorders: Sony P210 digital voice recorder and an Olympus D-10 digital voice recorder and Olympus VN-4100PC.
Thermometers: Cen-Tech mini non-contact infrared digital thermometer and an Omega HH68K ambient thermometer.

Condition of the home:

The house was a newer house and is structurally sound, utilities were in good working order. There were little to no draft coming from the outside doors and windows. Outside sounds were very minimal.
Start Investigation 9:07 pm – End Investigation 1:59 am

Base Readings –
Downstairs – Dining room – 0.0 EMF 74.3 degrees
Light switch by the sewing machine – 48.4 – 1.7 EMF (about 5 ft away from it)
Office – 0.0 EMF 74.5 degrees
Sunroom – 0.0 EMF 74.6 degrees
Master bedroom – 0.0 EMF 72.9 degrees
Upstairs – Stairs – with light on 0.0 – 0.5 EMF 76.5 degrees
Hall – 0.1-0.2 EMF 76.9 degrees
Right bedroom – 0.1-0.2 EMF 77.0 degrees
Room above garage – 0.1-0.2 EMF 78.3 degrees (Pam and Beth heard growling and a voice)
Left bedroom – 0.1-0.2 EMF 78.3 degrees
Bathroom – 0.1-0.2 EMF 78.7 degrees

Team 1 – Larry & Pam
1. 11:15 pm – Room above garage
a. 11:16 am – Start EVP w/Spirit box – 11:25 pm End EVP
2. 11:26 pm – Right bedroom
a. 11:27 am Start EVP – 11:35 pm End EVP
3. 11:38 pm – Left bedroom
a. 11:38 pm Visual – 11:45 pm End EVP
4. 11:45 pm – Sunroom
a. 11:46 – Start EVP – 11:58 pm End EVP
5. 11:58 pm– Office
a. 12:01– Start EVP – 12:10 am End EVP
12:10 am – End sweep

Team 2 – Beth & Pam
1. 12:20 am – Office
a. 12:21 am – Start EVP – 12:25 am End EVP
2. 12:26 am – Balcony
a. 12:27 am – Start conversational EVP – 12:52 am End EVP
3. 1:00 am – Storage room
a. 1:02 am – Start EVP – 1:15 am End EVP
4. 1:21 am – Right bedroom
a. 1:22 am – Start EVP – 1:37 am End EVP (during EVP – temp went from 76 – 90 degrees)
5. 1:41 am – Left bedroom
a. 1:42 am – Start EVP – 1:58 am End EVP (had flashlight communication during EVP)
2:00 am – End Investigation


GOGPI was called in to investigate the above claims of activity. Base reading in the house were within normal limits, temperature normal for conditions, EMF were within normal reading, except around the electrical equipment and electrical panels where they were higher, as expected. We did find a high reading from the light switch by the sewing machine, it went up to 48.4 miligause at the switch and about five feet from the wall the reading was still high at 1.7 miligause. We do not feel this is paranormal but the wiring in the house. This reading could account for feeling nervous or watched if sensitive to EMF fields and are by the switch for any length of time.

We did not get anything in our pictures or video but we did record numerous EVP’s. Some of the investigators had some personal experiences, see below.

With the claims of activity, personal experiences by the investigators, the EVP’s that were recorded we feel like there is paranormal activity in the house. We cannot say the house is haunted without a follow up investigation to see if we can reproduce the claims of activity, personal experiences, and to gather more evidence of paranormal activity.

Ed Laughlin
Ghosts of Georgia Paranormal Investigations
Personal Experience summaries from investigators on the investigation:

Went into the left bedroom where Larry was at and when I walked into the room became off balance and got nauseated, it all passed within a few minutes. While going into the sun room to see where the cats we at I thought I saw one run past me in front of the couch towards the back outside wall. I saw where two of the cats were asleep in the chairs and the third cat was asleep in front of the outside door so no cat could have past me. I tried to recreate what I saw with my flashlight but could not, to me it was light colored and what I saw was it’s hind quarters and the tail. While doing a flashlight communication in the left bedroom with Pam I saw the flashlight come on in response to our questions.


When Pam and I did base meter readings upstairs, we both heard a course, rumbling voice say something audible but we could not understand it. We also heard a growl. We heard both of these in the upstairs storage room above the garage. I also heard several unexplained noises around the home that we could not find the source to.
Intuitive and Psychic Impressions: When I first went upstairs I had a psychic vision in the upper left bedroom next to the bathroom. I saw a set of horns over the closet door. They looked beige in color. I could not figure out what it was, but when I looked back it was gone. I could feel the energy of some type of domestic rage in the home from the past. After some further investigation I discovered the office downstairs and noticed several taxidermy animals and horns on plaques. I realized that one of these sets of horns was the one I saw in my vision. I am not exactly sure why I intuitively saw these horns ahead of time and they were actually in the room directly below the room I saw them in ahead of time. Maybe the client has a connection?

I got chills/hair stood up while in certain areas of the upstairs. Heard growling and something said in the storage room upstairs. While in one bedroom, my foot was bumped, I smelled a smoke odor and the temperature increased 14 degrees. Once on the breezeway, the flashlight turned on after a question was asked.
The flashlight also came on three times in the second bedroom in response to questions. I was scratched at some point. The scratch actually felt like a burn.


My only personal experience was when I was placing my recorder in the upstairs bedroom on the left up the stair before we left to eat. When I walked into the room my right ear got a slight ringing and I felt a little off balance. It only lasted a second.

What we hear:

  1. A breath then “Beth”
  2. “Get one in the bed man”
  3. “52”
  4. “Take a leak” then “No” then “Innocent”
  5. Whistle
  6. “Uh huh”
  7. “This is shit” or “Did you shit”