Investigation report

On January 2, 2010 GOGPI investigated claims of paranormal activity at a private residence in Rossville, GA. Claims of activity including: Thumps, footsteps, scratching sounds, knocks on the bedroom door, feeling of anger in sons room, books and stuffed animals on floor from the table in son’s room, son having dreams saying there was a bad man, client being slapped in the face and being pushed down stairs, and door slamming shut.

Investigators & people present at investigation: Investigators – Ed Laughin, Corey McHargue, Beth Peters, and Christine Riley

Weather conditions: Full Moon –December 31, 2009
Jan 2, 2010 –
8:12 PM 9:13 AM
– 2:10 AM 74.7° 358,856 96.7%

Past Weather Conditions for KCHA
Observations prior to selected time: January 02, 2010 – 09:00 EST
Weather Conditions at January 2, 2010 – 8:53 EST
8:53 24 Hour Max 24 Hour Min
Temperature 23.0° F 39.9 at 13:53 23.0 at 6:39
Dew Point 12.9° F 26.1 at 9:53 12.0 at 7:53
Relative Humidity 65% 65 at 6:53 41 at 15:53
Wind Speed 16 mph from N 18 at 15:53 5 at 20:53
Wind Gust – 22 at 15:53 20 at 10:53
Pressure 29.60 in 29.60 at 8:53 29.47 at 14:53
Sea level pressure 30.36 in 30.36 at 8:53 30.21 at 13:53
Altimeter 30.34 in 30.34 at 8:53 30.20 at 14:53
Weather conditions lt snow – –
Visibility 10.00 miles 10.00 at 9:53 9.00 at 8:24
Ceiling 3100 feet 4700 at 2:53 2800 at 6:39

Condition of the home:
The home was a town home in a building with seven other town homes. The building is a standard townhouse building that was built approximately eight years ago with the very basic building materials and standard construction. Your able to hear sounds from the unit next door through the walls and can hear sounds from outside the building as well, i.e. dogs barking, cars, people shouting, etc. The doors and windows seemed solid whereas they didn’t rattle and no unusual drafts came from outside. The utilities were in good shape as well. The inside housekeeping appeared to need improvement.

Equipment used by Investigators:

Cameras: One Rebel digital camera

EMF Meters: Electro Sensor EMF Meter, and K-II Meter.

Audio Recorders: Sony P210 digital voice recorder and an Olympus D-10 digital voice
recorder and Olympus VN-4100PC.

Thermometers: Cen-Tech mini non-contact infrared digital thermometer and an Omega
HH68K ambient thermometer.

1st Part of the Investigation began at 9:18 pm, with team 1:
Team 1– Corey and Christine

1. 9:18 pm – Starting in the Kitchen – EMF readings between .2 – 1.6. Temp reading 65 degrees
a. EMF readings are high in various places in the kitchen, including the appliances.
2. 9:24 pm – Start EVP session – Kitchen. EVP Session – Ends at 9:35 pm.
3. 9:37 pm – Living Room – EMF readings between .1 – 1.9 and temp 64 degrees.
a. EMF readings are high in various places of the room, including the front window.
b. Conversational/Unofficial EVP session was conducted in the Living Room
4. 9:51 pm –– Small Child’s room – EMF readings between .1 – 1.6 and temp 67 degrees.
a. EMF readings are high in various places in the bedroom.
5. 9:57 pm – Start EVP session – Small Child’s room – EVP Session – Ends at 10:09 pm
6. 10:11 pm – Master bedroom – EMF readings between .2 – 1.6 and temp 67 degrees
a. EMF readings are high in various places in the bedroom.
b. Conversational/Unofficial EVP session was conducted in the Master bedroom.
7. 10:20 pm – Team 1, end of investigation.

Team 2 – Ed and Beth

1. 10:54 pm – Master bedroom – EMF readings between .2 – 1.9 and temp 67 degrees
a. EMF readings are high in various places in the bedroom.
2. 10:58 pm – Start EVP session – Master bedroom – EVP Session – Ends at 11:07
a. During the EVP session, Beth heard some scratching sounds behind the TV and cords on the floor, source of sound was not found.
3. 11:12 pm – Small child’s room – EMF readings between .2 – 1.9 and temp 60 degrees
a. EMF readings are high in various places in the bedroom, and team took note that the room was colder than the Master bedroom.
4. 11:14 pm – Start EVP Session – Small child’s room – End of EVP session at 11:20 pm.
5. 11:28 pm – Kitchen – EMF readings between .2 – 2.3 and temp 60 degrees.
a. EMF readings are high in various places in the Kitchen, including the appliances.
6. 11:33 pm – Living room – EMF readings between .1 – 2.1 pm and temp 60 degrees.
a. EMF readings are high in various places in the Living room, including the front window.
b. Both Beth and Ed heard some thumps upstairs. Both cats were accounted for, and source of thumping sound was not found.
7. 11:35 pm – Start EVP session – Living room – End EVP session 11:44 pm.
8. 11:52 pm – Team 2, end of investigation.

Teams took a small break and returned to the investigation to revisit during the times the client had described most of the claims of paranormal activity, between 1:00 and 2:00 am.

Team 1 – Corey and Christine

1. 1:09 am – Corey and Christine went back up to the small child’s room, where the clients had claimed most of the activity happens in the home. They re-metered and took current temps. No changes were found. The team conducted another EVP session and had a couple of experiences during the 2nd investigation. Both Corey and Christine saw the closet door move about a half inch on its own. They placed 2 toys at the door to measure the distance the door had moved and tried to recreate the experience. The door did not move again. They also saw K-II Meter light spikes during the EVP session. The team felt like the K-II Meter lights were communicating with their questions during the EVP session. End of 2nd investigation for team 1 at 1:41 am.

Team 2 – Ed and Beth

1. 1:52 am – Ed and Beth went back up to the small child’s room, where the clients had claimed most of the activity happens in the home. They re-metered and took current temps. No changes were found. The team conducted another EVP session and tried to communicate one last time with any presence that might be in the room with them. Both Ed and Beth heard some strange noises outside the window, and could not describe what the sound could have been. The source of the sound is unknown but was determined that it did originate from outside. End of 2nd investigation for team 2 at 2:15 am.

One of the major finds on the investigation was the high EMF readings throughout the whole house, averaging 3.5 Miligause. The reading rose when we turned on ceiling fans, lights, etc. which could explain the uneasy feelings that the client, their friends, and investigators have while in the house.
During the investigations we were unable to explain all the claims of possible paranormal activity but were able to come up with some alternate possibilities. At the same time there were a couple occurrences that back up some of the claims. One was a scratching noise that the investigators heard in the laundry room, they were unable to find a cause. Another was some knocking heard but it was unclear where it came from, it could have come from outside or from the unit next door.
We did pick up some EVP’s and had some response to some questions using the K-II meter. We did not get any photo evidence.
With the clients stories, our EVP’s, the K-II responses, and our personal experiences we feel that there is activity in the home. We feel the activity is associated more with the lady of the house since most of the claims are around her. We feel that what the client has told us is not all paranormal but may have other explanations, which will be discussed with the client.
We will keep a check with the client to see if anything else occurs and see if a follow up investigation is warranted.
Ed Laughlin
Ghosts of Georgia Paranormal Investigations
Personal Experience Reports attached below.

Personal Experience Report
Corey McHargue, January 2, 2010
Private Residence, Rossville, GA

While my personal experiences at the residence of Katie Parker were minimal, there were several occurrences that left me scratching my head.
~While sitting in the living room with Christine we heard several scratching sounds coming from what seemed to be the laundry room area. Christine’s initial reaction that it was the sound of one of the cats, but having a cat myself, my gut was telling me that the sounds we were hearing were not cat related. We got up to investigate but could not see any animals in the area.
~Upstairs in Blake’s bedroom there were several unexplained events that occurred.
While sitting on the bed I was certain that I had seen the closet door move. It is hard to say if my eyes were perhaps playing tricks on me or if I actually did see movement. I thought I saw it move twice.
Also during this encounter I felt blasts of cold air down around my legs.
On our second visit to the room Christine and I had an interesting experience with the KII meter. It appeared to be responding to our questions. The lights along the meter were going from 1 light to 2 lights in what seemed to be direct responses to the questions we were asking. Also during this experience both Christine and I noticed how the room seemed to be much darker and heavier than it was during our first visit to the room.

Personal Experience Report
Ed Laughlin, January 2, 2010
Private Residence, Rossville, GA

When I first went upstairs I felt uneasy around Blake’s room but the feeling didn’t stay long and doesn’t indicate any paranormal occurrence.

I thought I heard a disembodied voice, Beth didn’t hear it and I didn’t know where the younger cat was at. It could have been him playing and created a noise that sounded like a voice.

During the second go through Beth and I went to Blake’s room and did an extended EVP session. While there I heard some knocks. I was unable to tell if they were inside the house or originated from outside. It could have been one of the cats running around too. A short time later I heard one knock that sounded as if it came from the stair area, were weren’t able to find what cause it. Also during the session I heard what sounded like animal outside wailing or possible some person crying or wailing, unable to determine what it was but it did sound as if it was outside.

Personal Experience Report
Christine Riley, January 2, 2010
Private Residence, Rossville, GA

• Christine felt very uneasy and told Corey to give her a few moments to regroup because of feeling so uneasy. Corey asked Christine if the uneasiness was paranormal uneasy. Christine did not distinguish; she just said that she was just feeling very uneasy, so Corey and Christine took a few seconds to regroup.
• Christine asked the question if there was only one other there other than Corey. Before Christine asked another question the K-II meter lit up to red.
• Christine and Corey did hear several knocking noises that were decided by both that that it was the cats.

Living Room:
• K-II lit up to red when Christine asks the line of questioning of does who ever is here does not want the family to feel better.
• Christine saw a glow of light about 5 inches in diameter in the doorway of the kitchen. Corey said that she could see what Christine was seeing then it disappeared. Seconds after the light disappeared, Christine and Corey heard scratching noises that Christine verbally announces, “cat”. Corey disagrees that the noise is the cat.

Child’s Bedroom:
Session 1 –
• Christine felt like the fronts of her legs were getting colder so Corey and Christine decided to take another temperature reading and asked if what ever was in the room making the room feel colder if it could make the temperature lower by five degrees. The temperature changed from 67 degrees to 63 degrees within minutes. Corey and Christine were sitting on the child’s bed with Corey to the left of Christine, when they both felt a chill go up their legs while they were asking a series of questions during an EVP session.

Session 2 –
• Christine and Corey agree that the room appeared to be darker than what it was during the first session.
• Christine thought that she had seen a shadow, rounded in nature, move in the bedroom corner near the bedroom closet.
• A freaky feeling came over both Christine and Corey at the same time. Christine felt the freaky feeling and turned on the flashlight do to the feeling and then apologized to Corey for doing so. Corey replied excitedly that she was feeling the same way and in her head repeating over and over again wishing Christine would turn on the light. Both Corey and Christine agreed that their energy was being directed towards the bedroom door.
• Corey expressed that she believed that the opened closet door moved. She wasn’t sure if her eyes were only playing tricks on her or not, but she really believed that the closet door moved. Christine and Corey observed the door for a few minutes and thought that it had moved again. Christine grabbed two toys and placed them equally on each side of the closet door in order to have a better reference if in case the closet door was moving. Corey and Christine asked that if indeed there was a presence in the room with us making the closet door move, could it please move the door ever so slightly closer to the army man toy. Corey and Christine both agree that the door did move closer to the army man toy.

Master Bedroom:
• Christine is feeling a strange pressure in her left ear, which is the ear closest to the door. Corey acknowledges that she hears something and that it could be the cat, but it sounds like it is right there by Christine and Corey. Christine and Corey were in the Master Bedroom. The cat was in the child’s room playing with the plastic tent, so it could have been the cat; however, how does it explain what Christine was feeling and Corey thinking that the noise was closer to us than where the cat was in the other room.
• Christine and Corey had several K-II hits to yes and no questioning session that lasted about 8 minutes.

Sensitive Report

Living Room & Kitchen:
Uneasy energy and feeling of being watched.

Child’s Bedroom:
Compressing energy, chest feels like it is being squeezed to death making it feel like it is difficult to breathe.

Master Bedroom:
Other than the feeling of a depressed energy, it felt relatively calm.

Upstairs Bathroom:
Christine feels like something was inside the bathroom watching Corey, Beth & Christine as she passed by the door to go into the Master bedroom from the Child’s Bedroom.